This site is to showcase my new obsession of skinning applications.
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April 11, 2006 by NetBadger
I was wondering what the effect of Vista having the inherent visual styles capability is going to have on the WindowBlinds product. Also I was wondering if there are plans in place to have a section dedicated to these Vista "skins".
September 1, 2005 by NetBadger
I haven't posted any political blogs to this point, even though I feel strongly about what is going on. I don't think this administration really believes in free speech. If you critisize policies, the administration, or the actions of this government, you are branded as un-american and probably end up on some government watch list. This being said, I saw something on CNN today that made me so angry I couldn't keep quiet any more.

I am watching scenes of the people gathered around the Supe...
April 2, 2005 by NetBadger
I've been using Logon Studio since it came out, and have been developing logons here at WinCustomize for quite a while. I recently upgraded my video card to an Nvidia GeForce 5200 AGP 8X w/128 megs of RAM, as well as a new motherboard and other asundry enhancements.

Since then, my logons look okay when I boot up, and when I shut down or restart. But when I try to change logon screens or when the system comes out of hibernation or the screen saver I get the following error:

Parser Messag...
December 8, 2004 by NetBadger
I certainly realize there are a lot of bugs to iron out with the new system site. My question is either not understanding the new system here, or maybe just a heads up to those in the bug squashing brigade.

I received an e-mail saying my Wallpaper collection had been approved and was available at:

I followed the link and saw my upload, but it doesn't show up under "my skins"?? It also shows up under a normal browse of the Wa...
December 8, 2004 by NetBadger
Well, I never thought I would be a blogger, but neither did I think I would become obsessed with skinning. So it just goes to show you that you never know what the new day holds.

Currently, I work full time at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) as the Webmaster for the Extended Campus division. I've been at ERAU for just over three years. I do some Web sites on the side, so I'm pretty busy. I have been working in the computer industry for the past 23 years. Seventeen years ago...